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Camfil is your expert in the field of air filtration and dust removal. Discover here what clean air solutions we offer for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).


HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, three important aspects for domestic and office comfort.

People feel better and perform better with clean air and a healthy indoor climate. Studies show that high-efficiency filters effectively reduce the problems that small particles can cause and help to ensure a healthy conditioned environment.

Normally, outdoor air enters the ventilation system with contamination in the form of fumes, dust and pollen on fans, batteries and lines. If the air filters do not perform as they should, the airflow in the system will deteriorate significantly and the balance between intake and discharge air is disturbed. Furthermore, the cooling and heating batteries will function less efficiently, leading to a sharp increase in energy consumption.

The efficient filters from Camfil maintain the balance while keeping odours and particles under control.


Camfil supplies a complete range of air filters for air conditioning units and ventilation systems to guarantee clean indoor air (IAQ) for a healthy and productive working environment. Camfil has products for both air and gas filtration in commercial buildings, offices, airports or other facilities.

Camfil filters are also the most energy-efficient filters on the market, allowing socially responsible companies, for example, to reduce the electricity consumption of their air treatment installations and hence significantly lower their carbon footprint.

At Camfil, we develop and produce not only air filters that protect your indoor atmosphere against pollutants from outside, but also produce a range of air purifiers that are used to protect your indoor environment against internal and external air pollution.

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