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Camfil is world leader in the field of air filtration and dust removal. Look here for our solutions for containment environments:


A containment environment is a physical system that prevents an uncontrolled escape of hazardous toxic substances and/or gases, such as in a nuclear or other industrial facility.

Our safety housings for containment applications guarantee the safety and protection of man and the environment when working with radioactive and other hazardous materials.

We offer i.a. the following types of safety housing:

  • Cambox
  • Camsafe (with and without scan section)
  • Camcontain CS
  • “Caisson à sas” for nuclear applications with special Acticarb filters
  • Glove box filters with EPA/HEPA filter


Camfil has been the leading and global supplier and partner for containment solutions for more than 50 years.

Thanks to our experience in innumerable (bio)pharmaceutical companies, over 90 nuclear power stations and several hospitals/laboratories, we are the ideal partner to support and advise you.

We offer solutions that meet your requirements and specifications, while observing at all times the legislation and the principles of sustainability, safety and total cost of ownership (TCO).


Our customers include:

  • Biosafety labs where, for example, hazardous and extremely infectious viruses are handled, such as TBC, Ebola, etc.
  • Life science sectors where toxic substances (API = active pharmaceutical ingredient) are used that represent a potential hazard for the environment.
  • Hospitals with isolation chambers and special intensive care units, to protect the staff against viruses, infections and other harmful air-borne organisms.
  • Hospitals equipped with a nuclear department (isotopes)
  • Nuclear industry where protection against radioactive particles and gases (isotopes) is necessary.


Our customers include:

  • Consulting engineers & designers
  • HVAC developers
  • Product managers
  • Installation companies/contractors
  • Facility managers
  • Project engineers

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