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Camfil is your expert for air filtration and dust removal in cleanrooms. See below an overview of our solutions for sterile and dust-free rooms for ensuring the quality of your production and/or research.


A cleanroom is a very clean working environment that limits or precludes contamination of production processes, analyses and research. Camfil offers ceiling, wall and duct housings for the installation of EPA/HEPA/ULPA filters:

  • Camseal
  • Cleanseal
  • Pharmaseal E
  • Camcube A / Camcube AS

In addition, air circulation solutions are also possible:

  • CamFFU (filter fan unit with HEPA/ULPA filter)
  • Camcleaner (mobile unit with EPA/HEPA filter and possibly activated carbon filter)

Finally, we offer the following complete solutions for laminar flow (LAF) and uni-directional flow (UDF):

  • Camhosp 2
  • Camhosp R
  • Customised products


Camfil is the leading supplier and global partner for cleanroom solutions, and that since 1963.

Thanks to our local presence and support and a broad network of experts, including local consulting firms and end-users, we have a good sense for the needs of the market.

As a result, we can develop and produce innovative solutions that meet the requirements and specifications of the customer, while observing at all times the legislation and the principles of sustainability, safety and total cost of ownership (TCO).


Our solutions are predominantly used in the following branches of industry:

  • Life sciences industry: For all cleanrooms, laboratories, airlocks and other adjoining rooms.
  • Food and beverage industry: For specific processes that have to take place under sterile conditions, such as packaging, filling points, production, treatment of raw materials, etc.
  • Hospitals: In laboratories, sterile storage areas, sterilisation departments, complete solutions for operating theatres, etc.
  • Chemical industry: For example, for the filling of products under sterile conditions.
  • Micro-electronics: Production environment and apparatus.
  • Other industrial end-users, such as laundries: Sterile packaging of cleanroom clothing.


Our customers include:

  • Consulting engineers & designers
  • HVAC developers
  • Product managers
  • Installation companies/contractors
  • Facility managers
  • Project engineers
  • Maintenance managers

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