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TCO Simulation

Studies have shown that 70% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an air filter are accounted for by the power consumption of the fan. The power consumption of the fan is directly proportional to the average pressure difference at the air filter.

A frequently held misconception is that the filter efficiency has the greatest impact on the pressure difference of an air filter, and hence on the electricity bill, but in reality the design of an air filter has a far greater impact.

The TCO of an air filter can be broken down as follows:

  • Unit price of a filter: 15%
  • Cleaning: 8%
  • Labour: 5%
  • Waste: 2%
  • Energy: 70%


Camfil has been a pioneer in the search for the lowest possible average pressure difference for more than 40 years, with R&D facilities in Sweden, Germany, France, Malaysia and the United States. All our filter materials are developed by our own R&D in cooperation with international product specialists.

This gives us a technological lead over our competitors. Furthermore, our innovative filter materials are used exclusively by us. That enables us to proudly claim today to be the market leader in the field of air filtration and clean air solutions.


We very frequently observe that there are cheap imitations of our products on the market that have inferior technical properties. When we simulate the total cost of ownership of those air filters, we quickly discover that these cheaper alternatives are ultimately far more expensive than the original Camfil product.

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