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Stock management

In addition to the vast expertise in air filtration, Camfil is your partner for complete solutions for air filters. We are also specialised in the stock management of our (your) products in a very modern and well-structured warehouse.

Our warehouse meets the most stringent standards (EudraLex) for the pharmaceuticals industry with respect to both procedures and technical requirements. Parameters such as temperature, humidity and pest control are constantly monitored and logged.

Furthermore, our warehouse is kept dust-free by our own CamCleaner products (CC6000 + CC800) in order to ensure an optimum shelf life and storage.


As your partner in complete solutions, we would be happy to offer you a stock management service. We analyse your specific requirements in order to ensure optimum stock management and logistics and to relieve you as much as possible.

Here is a selection of the services offered:

  • 24/7 stock management
  • 24/7 delivery on demand with our own truck
  • Delocalisation of the customer’s stock to our high-tech warehouse (vendor-managed inventory)
  • Consignment
  • Automatic refilling of minimum stock levels

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