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Filter management

Years of expertise are necessary to ensure that your filters function optimally and are properly maintained. Camfil Filter Management (CFM) is a service that removes the burden from you as customer and provides you with advice.

Our CFM fitters install filters, clean air treatment systems and replace V-belt drives when necessary, also for installation companies. They work quickly, professionally, efficiently and at attractive rates.

The downtime and soiling of the installation are therefore minimised and you benefit from the advantage of our installation guarantee for your valuable HEPA filters.


Camfil warrants the quality and high performance of your HEPA filters by not only supplying but also installing the filters.

Immediately after installation, an independent party has to demonstrate and ensure the quality of the filters by means of validation and/or integrity tests. We will be happy to advise and support you here, too.


Camfil offers the following services:

  • Replacement of air filters
  • Replacement of V-belts/pulleys
  • Cleaning of air groups, fan coils,
  • Air conditioners, air curtains, etc.
  • Disposal of old filters
  • Replacement/modification of filter sections
  • Conducting of inventories
  • Planning of work and transport
  • Particle/filter efficiency measurements
  • Integrity tests for filters
  • Sampling for laboratory analyses
  • Filter validation
  • Installation assistance
  • Reports/logbooks

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