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R&D and production

As an expert in the field of air filtration and dust removal, Camfil attaches great importance to research and development. Read more about our expertise and facilities below.


In addition to our main research centre, the Tech Center in Trosa, Sweden, Camfil has various R&D centres and laboratories worldwide for investigating the air quality and its effects.

Our centres are completely devoted to the sectors where we are active. Thanks to our unique and patented research apparatus, our research evolves continuously.

As a result, we can continue to innovate, to adapt to changing needs of the market and to meet the most stringent standards when it comes to energy conservation, efficiency, safety and health.


Camfil has been using a patented method for analysing air quality for over ten years. This method is unique in the industry. It collects particles from the air, scans them using an electron microscope and analyses them using X-rays.

The analysis shows the composition of the air and the size and type of the particles. That provides useful insights into the efficiency of our ventilation systems.

Using this method, we can carry out air, gas and dust analyses that convincingly demonstrate the advantages of our efficient air filters.


An overview of our facilities can be found below. We have a:

  1. Molecular lab
  • Development of molecular filters
  • Climate controlled test rigs for
    • carbon media
    • and full-size molecular filters
  • Gas chromatograph
  1. GT/APC lab
  • Development of filter solutions for dust collection and gas turbines
  • High-speed filter rig for gas turbines
  • Climate simulation
  1. Process development workshop
  • Development of process equipment for manufacturing filters
  • Fully equipped machine shop
  • 3D printer for prototyping
  1. Particle lab 1
  • Development of comfort and HEPA filters
  • Aerosol research
  • Test rig for full-scale filters and smaller filters
  • Nanoparticle measurements using an electrostatic
  1. Particle lab 2
  • Classification of filters according to EN 779:2012 and ASHRAE 52.2
  • Energy classification of filters
  • Classification rig and IPA discharge rig
  • Remote controlled mobile laboratories for testing air filters in the field
  1. IAQ Lab
  • Quantitative and qualitative air quality analysis
  • Media and fibre development
  • Air quality research
  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM)

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