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Life Sciences

Are you looking for air filters and clean air solutions for the pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry? Camfil is your expert for air filtration and dust removal in strictly regulated environments.


The life sciences sector is a strictly regulated industry that manufactures i.a. medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products in a wide variety of compositions. The production processes have to be protected in order to guarantee the reliability and quality of the products and to protect man and the environment from toxic substances inherent to the production process.

Before production can start or be restarted, strict controls are applied in order to ensure that the production process is in conformity with the applicable legislations and with the good manufacturing practices (GMP) quality assurance system.

The standards to be observed are defined locally or internationally. The most widely known directives for Europe are formulated by the European Medicine Agency (EMA), and for the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Camfil offers air filtration, containment and dust removal solutions that meet the most stringent standards. These enable you to guarantee the quality of your production.

We are the leading supplier and partner to the life sciences industry worldwide, and that since 1963. Our R&D centres and our solutions/products respond quickly and specifically to the constantly changing market demands and legislation.

Thanks to our global presence and support and a strong network of experts within the life sciences industry, we have a clear picture of the solutions/products that meet your requirements and specifications, while observing at all times the legislation and the principles of sustainability, safety and total cost of ownership.


Within the life sciences industry, we offer general solutions for i.a.:

  • Sterile and dust-free rooms (‘cleanrooms’), for both pulsation and extraction
  • Laboratories, in particular LAF cabinets
  • Production machines: tablet machines, isolators, RABS, filling machines, mixers, packaging machines, etc.
  • High-temperature kilns and autoclaves
  • Dust-generating production facilities (APC = air pollution control)
  • Warehouses

Our solutions consist of:

  • EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters in accordance with EN 1822
  • Ceiling, wall and duct housings for the above-mentioned filters
  • Laminar flows
  • Safety housings (for containment)
  • Compressed air-cleaned cartridge filters (APC)
  • Filter fan units (FFU)
  • High-temperature filters
  • Glovebox filters
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Recirculation units with EPA/HEPA filters and possibly activated carbon filters
  • Bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) solutions


You can rely on us for the following services:

  • Local presence with a sales organisation, warehouse and/or factory
  • Segment managers/specialists
  • Engineering tools/software such as CREO, LCC (life cycle cost calculation), CLEAN and CARBON
  • Filter training
  • R&D centres with specialist laboratories (Tech Center in Sweden)

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