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Food and beverage

Are you looking for clean air solutions for the food and beverage industry? Camfil is your expert for air filtration and dust removal in food safety and HCCP environments.


The protection of public health is a major concern for every government. Food production is therefore strictly regulated in order to prevent possible contamination risks in production installations.

When public health is threatened by a serious danger, national agencies for health and food safety can advise the authorities on taking the necessary health safety measures.

These measures can result in the recall and destruction of foodstuffs or even the temporary closure of the production facility of the negligent company. Traceable raw materials, a safe production process and a safe finished product are therefore crucial for this industry, but also for the consumer and society.


Camfil offers air filtration and dust removal solutions that meet the most stringent standards within the foodstuffs industry. These enable you to guarantee the quality and food safety of your production.

Thanks to our global presence, constant communication and cooperation with the largest international players in the sector, years of expertise and thorough research, Camfil is the ideal partner with the right know-how to support you.

Camfil provides solutions that promote the indoor air quality in production environments, packing areas and distribution zones with a complete range of certified air filters, dust removal filters and custom-made dust removal units.


Within the food and beverage industry, we offer the following solutions:

  • Prosafe: a complete range (G4-H14) of certified air filters developed specially to conform with the stringent requirements of the food and beverage industry (EC1935:2004, ISO 846, VDI 6022, resistant to detergents, free from harmful chemical substances such as phthalates, formaldehydes, etc.). The compact filters are among the most energy-efficient air filters on the market (filter class A and A+), are water-resistant and have a water drain. They also have a colour code indicating the filter class to prevent mistakes and are extremely easy to install with support brackets. All Prosafe filters are delivered in a hygienic plastic bag.
  • High-temperature filters
  • Stainless steel filter frames and duct housings
  • Camcleaner Prosafe: stainless steel stand-alone filter unit to promote the indoor air quality. Ideal for use in damp and dusty environments where the air quality and reduction of dusts and airborne pathogens are of great importance. The filter units promote the internal air circulation and ensure a constant dust filtration. The Camcleaner Prosafe comprises certified Prosafe air filters (F7/H14) and has a constant flow sensor for a constant delivery of max. 6,000 m³. The Camcleaner Prosafe can provide circulation as well as pressure or vacuum ventilation. The Camcleaner Prosafe is extremely suitable where there is no existing ventilation system or as an additional system.
  • A broad range of dust removal filters: filter sleeves, filter bags, filter screens, cartridges, etc.
  • Custom-made dust removal systems APC (air pollution control)


You can rely on us for the following services:

  • Complete survey with report and possible optimisation of the air filters in your ventilation system by means of a life cycle cost comparison aimed at finding the most beneficial total cost of ownership in combination with the highest possible quality
  • Camfil Filter Management
  • Customised training, depending on the customer’s requirements
  • Dust particle measurements and analyses for possible gases (30 VOCs & 9 aldehydes)
  • Explanation of the new ISO 16890 standard

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