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Camfil Power Systems supplies air filtration solutions for turbomachinery and other systems used in the energy, oil and gas industries. Our solutions are used in industrial, desert, offshore, onshore and Arctic environments.


Clean air is vital to a gas turbine’s efficiency and reliability. As gas turbines are used all over the world to generate power, environmental conditions of each site vary such as: humidity, temperature, precipitation and air contaminants.

Camfil Power Systems is a world leader in the production and development of clean air solutions for gas turbines and other turbomachinery.

Our air intake systems are fully customised to ensure the best protection and optimal life cycle cost for your operations. We also provide acoustic and exhaust systems, including damper and diverters.


For more than forty years, we have been developing and supplying clean air and acoustic solutions for the turbomachinery industry. As a consequence, we are now one of the most global air filtration specialists in the world and business is coordinated between our own offices in Europe, America, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

Camfil has over twenty-six production units and R&D centres around the world. The turbomachinery auxiliary systems fabrication takes place at our own facilities in Sweden and India or at carefully selected sub-suppliers in our global network.

The Power Systems Group has approximately 225 employees, with sales, engineering and project management in close collaboration. The company’s business concept is to provide customers with best-in-class clean air solutions for turbomachinery; new installations, retrofits or after-market service.


Camfil provides complete system solutions, from the air inlet to the top of the stack.

Clean air and quiet surroundings are vital life quality factors in modern society. A well-designed system minimises turbine performance degradation and fouling, leading to lower operating costs, optimum efficiency and less environmental impact.

We have extensive experience of dimensioning, designing and manufacturing different system solutions in all environments. With our complete scope of air inlet filters and systems, we provide your gas turbine with the right solution, including everything from the air inlet system, enclosure and ventilation to the exhaust and damper systems.

You can also benefit from this expertise when you want to improve or retrofit old equipment to better match modern efficiency and performance requirements.

The Power Systems Group provides inlet systems for:

We also give you access to a wide range of air filter products, specially developed for your requirements.


All machines require servicing and maintenance to ensure smooth operation and reliability. From the operator’s perspective, reliability and efficiency are vital prerequisites to financial success. To provide our customers with support and ensure that each system works according to plan throughout its life cycle, we offer a wide range of products and services:

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