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Building technics

Are you looking for air filters and clean air solutions for building technics applications? Camfil is your expert for gas and air filtration for air groups and ventilation systems.


Gas filters and air filters have important building technics applications. They protect the people and equipment present in the building or on the site.

The Camfil air and dust removal filters satisfy all the applicable air filtration standards. As a result, you breathe only clean air at all times that has no negative effect on you, your equipment or your environment.

Furthermore, it is important to know that:

  • 50% of the energy consumption of a building is related to the HVAC system; and
  • that 30% of this energy is directly related to the filters.

The choice of your filters is therefore extremely important for the energy conservation and efficiency of your building. Our air filtration solutions help you to save a large proportion of your energy costs.


Camfil has more than fifty years’ experience and expertise with air filtration in building technics installations. Consequently, we are in a perfect position to estimate the:

  • Service life
  • Replacement frequency
  • Energy consumption; and
  • CO2 emissions

of each of our air filters and to react quickly and specifically to these, while observing your specific wishes and situation.


Air pollution is greatly dependent on the location, climate and industrial activity in your vicinity. Camfil offers you customised solutions that meet your wishes and needs. Energy optimisation is always in the foreground of our considerations and is always customised to meet your specific needs.

We have the necessary tools to analyse your situation and to advise you on solutions that effectively protect you and your environment. We strive for an appropriate and sustainable solution for every customer.


You can rely on us for the following services:

  • Local presence with a sales organisation, warehouse and/or factory
  • Segment managers/specialists
  • Engineering tools/software such as CREO, LCC (life cycle cost calculation), CLEAN and CARBON
  • Aérotrack
  • Citycheck – Gigacheck
  • Filter training
  • R&D centres with specialist laboratories (Tech Center in Sweden)

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