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Camfil Belgium welcomes Engie Cofely during HVAC days

Camfil Belgium welcomes Engie Cofely during HVAC days

Since early 2017, ISO 16890 is the new global standard for “Air Filters for General Ventilation”. The standard introduces a new and up-to-date system to classify filter efficiency.

Following this new standard, Camfil Belgium organized “HVAC Days” on May 17 and 18, a learning-oriented Filtration Training for companies. During this edition, we welcomed Engie Cofely, the reference for integrated facility management.

In addition to information about the new standard, we provided trainings on 2 other important topics:

  • Molecular (gas) & microfiltration
  • Life Cycle Cost calculations

Curious about the topics that were discussed? Be sure to read on!

Molecular (gas) & microfiltration

When it comes to air pollution or air filtration, there are two important aspects:

  • Atmospheric dust loading on the one hand
  • and harmful gas molecules on the other.

While ISO 16890 standardizes particulate filters, in turn, the activated carbon (whether or not impregnated) will eliminate the polluting gas molecules.

During the first training we used Camfil’s Camcleaner to experimentally show the impact of an air purifier on the air quality in a given space.

This way, the proportion of ultrafine (harmful) dust particles and gas molecules was drastically reduced. This greatly improved indoor air quality!

Life cycle cost calculations

During the second training, the energy consumption performance of various filter types was compared using Life Cycle Cost calculations, while maintaining efficiency.

Important to know: An investment in filter surface will always pay off. After all, by investing just a bit more, the return on energy savings can be multiplied.

Stay tuned

Because of the success and positive reactions after our HVAC Days for Engie Cofely, we will gladly organize new editions soon. Be sure to follow our blog to stay informed on announcements and other news!

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